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Moore Veterinary Care

Clinic Hours

Mon-Tue-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Wed-Thur: 9am – 12pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

About Moore Vet Care

While Moore Veterinary Care began as a house call practice in 1985, the need to offer surgeries, radiology, and hospitalization of sick patients led to converting a small house into Moore Veterinary Clinic at 853 E. Main St. in historic downtown Ventura, CA. While wishing to create a calm, homelike feel for our patients and clients, we nonetheless strive to provide current, proficient care and equipment.

From physical exams, full diagnostic laboratory, dentistry with digital radiology available, surgery, treatments, pharmaceuticals, digital radiology, k-laser, cryomega, ECG and other medical procedures, we offer a variety of care based on our desire to help your pet live a long, healthy life. We work with you and offer different treatment options for patient care. 

To help ensure a positive, rewarding visit for your pet, please feel free to bring their favorite treats or toys with them so we may engage and reward them! 


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Our Veterinary Services

Wellness and Vaccines

We offer a full nose-to-tail wellness exams, and core and optional vaccines for dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. 

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Exotic Medicine

Dr. Moore has a special interest in exotics, over 30 years of experience, and sees reptiles, small mammals and avians. 

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Laser Therapy

Moore Veterinary Care is proud to introduce K-Laser Class IV laser therapy for your pets. Alleviating chronic pain, accelerating healing.

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Medical Diagnostics

With over 30 years of experience, our  diagnostic services use new and advanced tests and internal medicine work ups for immediate care.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Dr. Moore was the first Vet near us that takes care of reptiles, she has see our adopted geckos, snake and bearded dragon, she takes the time to share her knowledge and is a positive role model for my daughter, her staff is kind and professional. The office is small, and cozy, but offers parking and lots of outside space.


Cynthia C.

I love the attention we get at Moore Veterinary Care. It goes far beyond a diagnosis. We learn about the medical facts behind a condition (admittedly, some of it goes over our heads), but then we get the understanding of how it manifests, and what we can do to help our beloved pet.


Jen F.

Great vet, kind person, knowledgeable and helpful staff. I trust Dr. Moore with my pets!


Matt C.

This place is amazing. They helped my bearded dragon who was super dear to me. He passed away about a year later due to a disease that couldn’t be cured, but he lived a great life and if it wasn’t for this office, his life would have ended way before he was ready. I appreciate the doctor and the staff that helped out my baby. Cause even though he was tiny, he was still a life that mattered and this staff showed it.


Maricela B.
We visited this clinic when our guinea pig fell ill. She is better now, thanks to them. They were courteous and showed genuine concern for us. Dr. Moore is very knowledgeable with guinea pigs and treated her as if she were her own. The clinic was clean. Every time I’ve called they ask about how she is doing. We are so grateful for having found this clinic, because veterinarians who not only see guinea pigs, but who are also knowledgeable and comfortable with them are hard to find. Thank you!
Kate M.
Everyone at Moore Veterinary Care (Especially Asia!!!!!) has been awesome whenever I’ve needed to take my dog in. They answer all my (millions) of questions with kindness, patience, and straight forwardness. It is so clear how much they care about their patients. I am really grateful to be able to take my pets there.
Allison G.
Our boy had a growth that became much larger quickly. Dr Moore was able to identify the problem (it was a cancerous tumor) and did the surgery to recover it. He had no issues from the surgery, recovered quickly and is doing well. She has also talked us through his other issues, and as a senior big dog, how to keep up his quality of life while addressing his symptoms and challenges. He loves going to the office and says they have the best treats if he’s been a good boy. Dr. Moore is what I’d call an old school vet in her demeanor, but with an impressive knowledge of current treatments. It’s a small office, but they’ve handled all our visits quickly and the staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Dr. Moore for your pets, including more than dogs and cats.
Mike L.
My puppy ended up getting an allergic reaction and had a breakout of hives and I brought here for the first time. I don’t write many reviews but I commend the staff at Moore Veterinary care. They were very professional and the vet was very thoughtful and explained in detail what the potential causes of the breakout was and the steps taken to recovery. Also, I wanted to add I have a pit mix and one of the other patients handler announced out loud that she didn’t want to be on the property until the pitbull was gone. The staff could see I was upset about that comment and apologized to me (even though it wasn’t any of the staff’s fault), cheered me up by praising my pups sweet behavior and also accommodated the “frightened” patient’s handler. My pup and myself thank you for today’s visit. I found my permanent vet for my Ellie.
Jason A.
I have been bringing my feathered baby to Dr. Moore for almost 2 years now. This recent trip was a hard one, my baby cut herself so bad, that I was told that it may be impossible to close. My poor baby was in so much pain and I was so afraid I was going to lose her. Dr. Moore took her right away, examined her, found the issue, and set a course for treatment. She pulled off the almost impossible! With NO skin to use to close her wound, she pulled a magic trick and was able to close her wound! Fearing that she still had the first 24 hours to hopefully have her survive. Her GREAT work and caring staff helped to give her the best shot! Almost 2 weeks later and my feathered baby and I are doing great! With the excellent staff being so patient with me, I became a neurotic mess! I recommend Dr. Moore for ALL your Veterinarian needs! She and her staff are amazing and treat every patient as if they are their own!
Mary G.
I recently had to take my African Grey Parrot to a Veterinarian due to her having a severe injury to claw/nail. I just picked this clinic after looking for ones that treated Parrots. First time to a Vet in the 30 years I have had Mrs. Grey Bird! I found the staff to be awesome! Dr. Moore is an exceptional person/veterinarian. This case was a challenge I know and Dr. Moore has done everything to meet that challenge. Now 2 months later my Mrs Grey Bird is better than ever! Still some healing to do. Dr Moore is kind, gentle with my Parrot and she is very knowledgeable about parrots. Highly recommend Dr. Karen Moore!
Teresa D.
I am absolutely thankful for Dr. Moore, she was able to put my Panther chameleons tongue back after my niece dislocated it on accident. She was very caring and knew exactly what she was doing. I highly recommend you bring your reptiles to her.
DeAnna N.
Dr. Moore was recommended to me by Dr Asdell, DDS, who reported, “Dr Moore really knows knows her stuff.” I visited her office with my dog Jake who has a lip tumor. She aspirated the tumor, checked his heart, blood values and asked many questions re his health presently. She was very thorough, even though the office was busy and she clearly had much work to do that day. I’m very happy with her follow-up phone call explaining a course of treatment for my elderly dog. She went over the lab report with me and explained the results and which course of action would be most prudent. We are fortunate to have such a caring and experienced vet in Dr. Moore.
Jen D.

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