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Laser Therapy

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About K-Laser

K-Laser is a Class IV laser therapy for your pets that helps to alleviate chronic pain, accelerating healing and decreasing swelling. It is a simple and non-invasive way to help with joint pain, infections, fractured bones and more!. Laser therapy uses a hot laser to concentrate and transfer light waves and therefore energy into a specific location. Your pet’s body can absorb and transform this light energy into chemical energy via cellular mechanisms that are essential to biological functions.

The K-Laser works to give the body a boost of extra energy in a specific location/area to promote healing, decrease swelling and increase body functions to increase cell growth/healing.

Typically K-Laser sessions occur three times the first week, two times the second week and one time the third week with booster or supplemental sessions as needed.

Please book an appointment today if you would like K-laser sessions/treatments.