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Skin Allergies/Issues

My dog is licking their paws a lot. A common phrase that could indicate allergies. The number one allergy is flea saliva allergies with atopy (environmental allergies) following after and according to a study done by Banfield, a small number of dogs and cats have food allergies. Allergies are not the only reason for skin issues, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic disease can also cause issues with the skin flares or hair loss being secondary to the underlying cause.There are different ways we can treat skin issues and other symptoms, like chronic ear infections, may also be an indication of skin issues. Book an appointment today to discuss a dermatological work up. A work up may include skin scrapes, bacterial and fungal cultures, and blood work to name a few. 


There are numerous different ways to treat depending on the severity of the issues occurring. The number one goal is to normalize the epithelial barrier for the affected patient or treat the underlying issue. This may include diet, medicated shampoos, immunotherapy or daily medication.

In some cases, we can only manage the symptoms and attempt to make the patient as comfortable as possible. We always recommend year round oral flea medication for ANY pet, especially those that may have any allergies or itchy.

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